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About me

Who am I?

I’m just a humble brazilian software engineer.


I’m an experienced software developer with strong knowledge of OOP, Patterns, IoC, DI, MVC, REST, DRY, Continuous Integration, Asynchronous messaging, using technologies such as Ruby, C#, Git, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL and NoSQL databases.

I’m passionate about web software development and I’m always seeking for learning new stuff.

I’m also a full-time TDD practitioner and a polyglot/multiplatform programmer.

I have experience working on collaborative working environments and with agile software development methodologies/frameworks, such as Lean, XP, Scrum and Kanban.

I have some experience with distributed systems architectures, because I’ve worked on the development of some critical systems.

I’m always concerned with continuous improvement in any part of the software engineering process.


  • Strong knowledge of OOP/Patterns/IoC/DI/MVC/REST/Continuous Integration;
  • Full-time TDD practitioner;
  • Polyglot/multiplatform programmer;
  • Strong knowledge of Ruby and C#;
  • Experience to work on collaborative work environments;
  • Experience to work with agile software development methodologies/frameworks (XP/Scrum/Kanban);
  • Experience on distributed systems architecture.